Who we are:
We are a packaging consulting and graphic services company. We have operated for many years in this segment, both for the industrial and promotion areas. Thus, we end up forming strong relationship with suppliers of products and services and in some cases, we became representatives of some manufacturers.
What we can offer:
We can offer all the necessary guidance to, from scratch, enabling an industrial park for packaging production. This involves sizing of equipment, support with acquisitions, the filing of financing, recruitment and selection of professionals, purchase of inputs, etc..
In other words, as the saying goes, "we delivered the key to the factory in hands."
For companies already established and in full swing, we offer consulting in Organization & Methods, PPS (Production Planning & Control), among other activities. We grade the Sales Force, and also internal staff in their daily routines.
How the consulting works:
We hear our Client's claims and then, later we elaborated a business plan, showing all of the technical and economic feasibility of the new business as well as our services for deployment, step by step processes that will enable the activity.
In the specific case of production of paper bags and boxes, we are exclusive DISTRIBUTORS for Latin America of some imported equipments. These machines provide big difference from the conventional production process (manual fold and glue), making the company more competitive and efficient in business.
In case you need more explanation about our equipments, please Don't hesitate to contact us by sending an email to: contato@4exconsulting.com.br